Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Take On Mysteries

I love mysteries, and psychological thrillers.  Sometimes they are one and the same.  Some of them they make it into movies.  I admit to having a passion for the old black and whites.  Though modern detective stories do make it into movies as well, give me Sam Spade, or Nick Charles any day. 

I have my favorite authors in this genre. Here they are in no particular order:

James Patterson, I actually got to meet him at a book signing.  At the time, he was more interested in talking about his then 9 month old son than the book my hubby and I came to get signed.  It was awesome. He came across as very down to earth.

James Rollins is an author whose books you can immerse yourself in.  I fell in love with his books when I was asked to do a review of his book Altar of Eden

John Sanford, My hubby turned me on to his "Prey" novels. I could not get enough!  I think I managed eight in a row before I had to switch to something else for a bit.  Dark subject matter, but an awesome author.

Jonathan Kellerman, His Delaware novels I can read again and again.  Once again, dark subject matter, but once I start, I have a hard time putting his books down.

M. R. Sellars,  This is a local Missouri author whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions.  His Rowan Gant series has a paranormal bent, but it is a thriller through and through.  His newest book In The Bleak Midwinter features FBI Special Agent Constance Mandalay, a recurring character from the Rowan Gant series.

If you like mysteries or thrillers, like old hard boiled detectives like Sam Spade, or just like watching old black and white films that feature them, here are a few

A few more Pictures Just because I like them